Stressed? YES! Stress, less.

by | Dec 11, 2020

Did you know that just last month, there was a NATIONAL Stress Awareness Day? It takes place annually, the first week of November; the very month Kentucky’s Coronavirus cases soared to the highest we have seen!

Truly, stress is such a concern, it was given a National Day of Observance to bring awareness to getting a grip on it!
Feeling stressed is, YES, a mess! And, a true cause for concern. You’ve likely heard the adage, Stress is a Silent Killer – So, let’s pause for a moment to observe our overall stress levels.

It’s natural to want to be stress-free, and daily we take the most accessible route to do so. Tell the truth, shame the devil – this may not always consist of the ‘healthiest methods’ AND be causing MORE stress! I agree, the healthiest options are not always the most convenient or the most affordable, HOWEVER, the better options are the BETTER options for our Health. Have you ever reflected on how you feel about you? Isn’t your HEALTH worth the better option? We get one vessel to live in. So, let me tell you, you ARE deserving of the best!!

Stress happens without much effort; so, by owning our efforts towards getting-a-grip on stress, where our actions are intentional and NOT an after-thought, we can absolutely reduce how our body handles recurring stress. In essence, stress can stay right where it is, the change happens when we move!

So, what could a better stress-handling option look like? Consider the direct relationship between mental well-being (brain) and physical well-being (body). The relationship connector being YOUR internal River of Life – the spinal cord. An unhealthy spine will directly interfere and disrupt, the ability of the brain and body to communicate. Wouldn’t you agree, an imperative aspect of any successful relationship is communication? With an unhealthy communication pathway, aka a dam in the river, mental and physical instabilities and impairments may result. To function WELL, our brain and body must communicate fluidly, openly. Our spinal cord, our River of Life by which the flow of Innate Intelligence courses across – allows for a harmonious relationship between mind & body. Symptoms of a dam in your River ( known in Chiropractic as Subluxation), can manifest as feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, retreating off to one’s self, lack of motivation, lack of focus, angry outbursts and/or physical symptoms like fatigue, restlessness, headaches, muscle tension or pain, overeating, undereating and the list goes on; but the most illusive, no symptoms at all.

Essentially, a healthy spine helps maximize the health of your mind and body, and the ease of adapting to changes in your environment. But what can be done if your spine is unhealthy? Better yet, how do you know if your spine is unhealthy?

Take Remarkable Action today. Click the link and get-a-grip on Stress!