Is Your Posture Crushing Your Health?

by | May 1, 2021

Men, women, children alike suffer daily from the negative impact poor posture is wreaking on their health and are clueless of the correlation. We are tearing down the support system that literally holds us upright.

Symptoms are clues. Clues are wake-up calls. Symptoms all too familiar to you and I like tight upper back from sitting for long hours at work or school, stiff and tired feelings in the neck, possibly numbness and tingling sensations in your elbows, hands, fingertips, achy low back, fatigue, headaches, the list is infinite. These are symptoms now, but what do you think will happen, if these symptoms go uncorrected? They decline, and quickly. We have been conditioned to turn to a symptom suppressant like over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs rather than healing the cause of the symptom. Can you imagine the negative impact on your mental and physical wellbeing this behavior could bring about? Think about having decreased attention towards your family, work, school, or a social life – due to infrequent or constant pain and discomfort. Depressing, right?  Do you see it clearly now? Posture, symptoms, drugs, pain, depression?

Drug Abuse Is Common

Be honest, are you guilty of turning to the quick fix for pain relief? Most of us are. We have burdened our bodies with toxic easy to access over-the-counter medicines. As health professionals, we get it, you feel desperate and want relief from the pain and discomfort of these symptom. Big Pharma is a trillion-dollar industry, not because their products aren’t excessively consumed by you and me.

As a society, we are misinformed, and are led to believe that masking our symptoms equals health. Television commercials, magazines, billboards, and social media appeal to our desire to rid symptoms like fatigue by promoting high sugar, fatty, processed drinks and foods. Excessive consumption of which leads to the top health issues in America today – obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. So, by masking one problem, we create a host of others. Since childhood we’ve heard, “Too much sugar makes you hyper!” “Sugar is not good for you.” Science has proven that sugar intake raises blood pressure levels, leads to fatty liver disease, and increases inflammation and weight gain? How about migraines and headaches? Over-the-counter meds and prescription drugs can mask our symptoms temporarily, but do not heal the root cause of pain and discomfort. Your body is SMART, listen to its signals informing you to take a deeper look.

Look to Your Posture

Poor posture is a good indicator of breakdown in the support system of the body and is cause for concern. However, most people do not give posture a second thought, until they of the vitally important relationship between one’s posture and one’s health.

Have you noticed changes in your body that may have started off as minor changes and today you recognize have worsened? Changes in breathing, weakened immune response, constipation, indigestion, erectile dysfunction …? Compare your health today, to just 5 or 10 years ago, are you functioning better today than you were then? Compare your posture also.

Every component of your body performs because of the two-way communication of information between brain and body. What do you imagine the long-term effects of poor posture to look like? Knowing that a relaxed spine occurs when the body is properly aligned, and a stressed spine occurs when the body is misaligned. A stressed spine means a stressed Nervous System. A stressed Nervous System means a decrease in nerve communication and leads to a decrease in brain body communication, which results in a decrease in your performance. Here is some food for thought, ‘Could your posture negatively impact the condition of your body and be crushing your health?’ At Revive Chiropractic Centers we will find out. We will conduct a thorough Chiropractic consultation and comprehensive evaluation of your posture and the structure of your spine with x-rays. We will then analyze our findings and present to you the health of your spine and nervous system and how we can help you improve functionality.