How Often Should I See a Chiropractor?

by | Mar 1, 2021

When scheduling New Patients, we are commonly asked the question, “How often will I need to see a Chiropractor?” There is clearly an overarching misconception that one “pop” (an onomatopoeia referring to the Adjustment) is all it takes. What if, rather than psyching yourself out before ever trying, ask yourself, “How often have I tried to reach my health goals AND why have I not achieved them yet?” It is common to see a Chiropractor for neck and back pain considering low back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the U.S, but your Chiropractor is a warrior for nutritional health, physical health, and mental health as well. Each of us has specific health goals, and it is highly beneficial to have an accountability partner and a coach. Once you discover that your Chiropractor can be both, you will have a plethora of knowledge and resources easily accessible for helping you achieve YOUR health goals, and you will never want to leave!


In contrast to what may be familiar to your current health care routine, you want to see your Chiropractor as often as possible. Chiropractic is active care. You are actively achieving better results each time you receive care. In between your Chiro visits, our Chiropractors incorporate at-home spinal care routines to help maximize your results.  Your visit frequency depends on your commitment to your specific health goals and desires.

Typical Phases of Chiropractic Spinal Care

  • Phase 1: Initial Intensive Spinal Care
    The objective is to stabilize the problem and stop the damage.
    The Initial Intensive phase requires intense short-term treatments. Together, we reset your spine and nervous system and boost your body’s healing power with every Adjustment.
  • Phase 2: Corrective Spinal Care
    Corrective Spinal Care is slightly less intense than the Initial Intensive Phase AND! Consistency is the key to this phase.
    The objective is to strengthen the spine & nerve supply, and move the body back into a normal, healthy state.
    This is where your efforts will determine your outcomes and where your commitment will be most tested AND greatly rewarded.
  • Phase 3: Wellness Spinal Care
    The objective of Wellness Care is to continue the healing trajectory, to maximize health potential, and keep the body free of nerve interference for a lifetime.

Maintenance Spinal Care

Is an option at any point in your Optimal Spinal Health journey. In Maintenance Care, the objective is to maintain and protect your new level of spinal health and prevent back-sliding and losing gains.

If at any point in your Optimal Spinal Health journey you are pleased with the success you’ve achieved and are ready to maintain your spinal health right where it is, then MAINTENANCE CARE is an option.



We don’t always feel the damage we’ve done to our bodies. We have some 7 trillion nerve fibers, and about 10% resonate pain. You can see some of the visible damages that you’ve put your body through. Chiropractic Care helps improve your body’s repairing ability of both the seen and unseen damages.

The more frequent your Adjustment Rhythm, the sooner you will notice results and the longer those results will last. In short, you should see your Chiropractor in a consistent rhythm that reflects your body’s need.