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by | Jan 6, 2021

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“I used to get my back cracked A LOT, and always felt so much better, but then I just stopped… I don’t know why really. I’d love to get back to it, I need it!”

In casual conversation with a total stranger, of course Chiropractic came up because, well I drink from that stream. So, you know an ensuing inner monologue transpired as I’m searching for justification as to why one on the fast-track to Optimal healing, Spinal Health & functionality, would release the lifeline, so-to-speak, and be subjected to the vulnerabilities of the possibilities…. So. Many. Possibilities… that I chalk it up to: misinformation.


When was the last time you swallowed a piece of bubble gum?

You probably don’t remember and likely stopped after the first time you heard the faux fact, ‘It takes seven years for your body to digest bubble gum.’ But learning this misinformation worked, and parents practically, dispelled the possibility of digestive threats and a choking hazard associated with large amounts of bubble gum being swallowed, with a myth!

Does belief in a faux fact as this, compel one to action more than belief in good old wholesome truth?

Health is aesthetically appealing to the eye. Health is BAM! Beautiful, Attractive, Mesmerizing; and our health is ever-changing. One could thus surmise from this statement, beauty can fade as health digresses, a common association, aging. Could the solution to the fountain of youth intrigue, lie within Health!? This brings to mind the adage, ‘Beauty is more than skin deep.’ It is! SO much more! Beauty flows from the depths of our internal systems working harmoniously. Our Magnificent Designer integrated health & beauty into every fiber of our being – cultivating the seeds of regeneration in the beauty of how our systems communicate.

There are many elements you and I CAN CONTROL that contribute to optimizing the functionality of our vital internal systems. Though no one component alone optimizes our health & functionality, the synergy of several components working together can: healthy eating, healthy movement, healthy thinking, natural supplement intake and absolutely Chiropractic Care.

Innumerable hours have been spent and countless studies performed, to substantiate with evidentiary proof,
that for you and me to function properly, brain-body communication must happen uninterrupted.
Our brain must speak to our body and our body speak back to our brain, freely. If you are thinking the lack thereof can result in paralysis or even death you are correct also.

Reality Check

This VITAL exchange of communication flows across our delicate Nervous System – a pathway which can become obstructed by traumas, toxins, and stress; and is known as a subluxated spinal cord.
When subluxation happens, dysfunction (dys-function) can result in our bodies.

All systems of the body rely on the Master System to provide them with efficient and essential intel.
Our Master System is our Nervous System.
How astounding the processes within that we DO NOT control! But! Our actions and the lack-thereof cause to dysfunction.


  • A healthy Immune System is the result of a healthy functioning Nervous System and body

Healthy functioning Nervous System


Healthy functioning Body

Healthy Immune System


Recently, though I should not have done so, but for lack of having a third new battery to illuminate the battery powered candle display accenting my fireplace, I supplemented 3 new batteries with 2 new batteries and 1 old battery. Not to my surprise, it worked. The light was not as luminous, but it functioned, the flicker was not as strong, nor did it stay lit longer than 10 minutes. So, feeling displeased with substandard functionality, I did as I should have initially and purchased new batteries. Removing the old battery, removed the obstructed flow of energy, and the replacement allowed for a fresh, clear, unobstructed flow of energy. Who’d of thunk it!? The unobstructed energy flow allowed the candle display to function as designed: brighter, stronger, and lasted longer! Can you sense where we’re heading? Let’s keep it simple.


“What is a ‘healthy Immune System,’ and how do I get one of those?”

Your Immune System is a vast network of cells, tissues, and organs . Yes, this sounds very familiar for some of you because our Nervous System controls this vast network of cells, tissues, and organs. Our Immune System organizes our body’s defenses against any threat to our health. It is one of our bodily systems to respond to stress which we addressed in our previous BLOG article (Stressed? YES! Stress, less).

Our body is smart – it gives body signals as reminders that we are protected by our wonderful Immune System. Our Immune System is our body’s personal army against infection, illness, and disease. We are ever exposed to billions of invaders of bacteria, viruses, toxins (Cold, Flu, COVID-19) that without our Immune Response Team could be fatal.

Our Immune Response Team (I.R.T) is strategically designed. The I.R.T. has designated members who search for and detect invaders and inform other responders via signals. Once the signal is received the war is on as the threat is consumed. Sounds like special intelligence to me and again, your body is smart! When functioning properly, our bodies store intelligence gathered from threats to our health to recognize them in the future. Should the enemy health invaders return, our cells can rapidly respond by deploying the necessary antibodies to combat the invasion before it reaches any other cells. This is serious work, and we need zero interference in communicating to this system and throughout.


The best time to prepare for a storm is not while going through it. Prep time is gone! It is fight-or-flight time! No need for quotation marks, tis’ a real life’s-lesson sure to have been learned by now, right!? Wrong! 

The CDC renders flu season to peak from December to February*, thus, the best time to be proactive is when? You guessed it, in-the-wind. But! The hope, if you are reading this you are living, and as long as you are living, you can break bad habits and start good ones! Have you seen your Chiropractor lately? It is a New Year, get stronger NOW! Boost your line of Defense, your I.R.T, with help from the Masters. We protect the bones that protect your Nervous System so your Nervous system can freely command all systems freely. We help clear your information pathway so you can function best! An obstructed Nervous System could very well be stressing your Immune Response Team. The only way to know is to get checked.

My hope as always is for these articles to EMPOWER you to ACT NOW and that action will INSPIRE your loved ones to follow suit. Let’s get your Spine checked. We are living in a world of misinformation; and unless you are seeking Truth, you may never know the wiser. I will leave you with this:

“Bananas are berries, and strawberries are not.” Is a Banana a Berry or Fruit? The Surprising Truth (

Click our GET-A-GRIP link and: Get checked. DO. Healthy.


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