Case Study 7

by | Jul 1, 2021

Two-month-old patient presented to our office to be checked to optimize growth and development.

Patient’s mother had been under care and understands the benefits of a properly functioning spine and nervous system. A weekly check-up was recommended to monitor the infants progress and for correction of subluxation.

Once, after her weekly Adjustment, her mother noticed that she did not fall asleep as she normally would following her treatment. Her mother brought her back in to be re-checked and following her booster Adjustment her mother reported that she had fallen asleep and no longer appeared to be uncomfortable or fussy.

Chiropractic can absolutely be a preventative measure in maintaining spinal health and to help young spines develop optimally.

Following a tumble off of the couch, her mother immediately brought her in to check her spine for new subluxations. The correction of spinal traumas sooner, rather than later is beneficial to proper development.