Case Study 2

by | Mar 25, 2021

Patient presented to our office complaining of burning in her upper back with a constant feeling of tightness.
She works at a desk all day and knows that her posture is to blame for the pain she is experiencing.
She has tried massage which helped for about a day and wanted a more permanent solution.
Our recommended treatment was to start the Initial Intensive phase of care including getting her Adjustments in rhythm as recommended, breaking her bad posture habits at work and while sleeping, and doing home exercises including using a home traction unit.
Upon re-evaluation, following her initial twelve visits, her posture has significantly improved.
She expressed even her kids say that she is standing up straighter and not “slumped” over. She advised she is also no longer suffering from severe upper back pain or the burning ache. She knows that it will take work to maintain her new posture but, is already feeling so much better.