Case Study 13

by | Aug 9, 2021

Thirtyish female presented to our office with severe lower back pain that prevented her from being able to exercise or to play with her three young children.

Pain was reported as worse in the morning and sitting at the computer for her job caused it to become excruciating due to increased workloads.

Our recommended treatment was an Initial Intensive Phase of Chiropractic Care, including Chiropractic Adjustments, mechanical traction, vibration therapy and therapeutic exercises.

Upon re-evaluation, after a month of care, the patient reported that she was able to sit for longer periods of time and was getting in the floor to play with her kids.

After the Initial Intensive Phase was completed, new radiographs demonstrated that her pelvis has now leveled out and her posture is significantly improved. She reported that she feels like a new woman and that she doesn’t ever want to feel, function, or look the way she did when she first came into the office.