Caregivers Should Know About Chiropractic

by | Jan 27, 2021

real talk

“If only I had understood the HEALING POWER of the Chiropractic Adjustment

while my grandmother was living AND with Alzheimer’s, 

I would NOT have hesitated to have her under  Chiropractic care.”


My grandmother was a Public Schoolteacher for 50+ years and absolutely had a passion for her calling. She was quick witted, full of wisdom, hilarious, the Greatest nurturer I’ve known. To be a leader in every endeavor she seized, Alzheimer’s was a heartless crook sneaking up on her. There is great hope for those of you caring for loved ones with Mental Health Disorders and Neurological Degenerative Disorders; I truly hope this insight brings to break a new dawning for you.


for: Dementia/Alzheimer’s/memory concerns

CATALYN (multi-vitamin) TURMERIC FORTE RNA (Ribonucleic Acid)
Olprima EPA/DHA (Tuna Omegas (EPA/DHA)) Green Tea Cruciferous veggies
  • RNA (RIBONUCLEIC ACID): cellular renewal, slows-down the aging process, reduces the effects of cellular damage, aids cellular regeneration
  • OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS (Olprima EPA/DHA): brain food, healthy fat
  • Cruciferous veggies:

*always consult your physician prior to adding any changes to your health regime

So, let’s dive right into dissecting this reality.

“I was a caregiver and I felt hopeless.”

I was over the cycle – doctor’s visit, medication, NO progress. First handed I was feeling hopeless which was breeding my contempt for the overmedication of patients. The purpose of medication was to help slow the progression, NOT correct the problem, as the doctor stated. The reality of that statement did not resonate with me or prick me to probe further – I OWN that. I own that due to my remedial medical experience and knowledge at the time, I did not question what the doctor said. It is clear as crystal though now, that my grandmother could have benefited from an alternative, but in the flow of care we were in, complementary and alternative medicine was NEVER shared as an option. So! I’m sharing today, YOU HAVE OPTIONS!!!!!

Your drive and determination can help your loved ones regain better health and I own that it is my responsibility to share with you the evidence based addition to medicine called Chiropractic

Nervous System & mental health:

 The Nervous System controls emotional and psychological responses

Chiropractic care helps Optimize the health of the Nervous System.

!!! RESULTS !!!

Results are exciting and encouraging and I not only see results in our patients, but they are eager to share what we are all too ready to hear, their Testimonials. The grand scale of life changes, manifested everyday improvements, are the evidence of the Science! People are Regaining their lives, regaining their health from the improved function of their Nervous Systems through Chiropractic Care. Chiropractic absolutely works!

The Power of the Adjustment

The Chiropractic Adjustment is dynamic yet gentle. It literally shifts misaligned bones into proper alignment relieving pressure from the nerves which results in increased Nervous System communication! This breeds improvement!! Don’t feel bad if you had never considered the negative effects of a misaligned spine. Or even that the bones of the spinal column could become misaligned!

Improvements are evidence! Improvements in health move us closer to optimizing our health. Therefore, by optimizing the Nervous System’s ability to regulate our most important functions – we are strengthening it to function better. You cannot go wrong with a better functioning Nerve System. No obstruction in communication means people manage life better including cognitive health concerns. 

  • Our Nervous System regulates all abilities below.

  • Degeneration of any of these functions is evidential cause for a Chiropractic Evaluation; HOWEVER, we may have NO SYMPTOMS at all!

Notice above, that a diseased brain has an identifiable reduction in size compared to a healthy normal brain. The healthy human brain contains 100 billion (signal transmitting) neurons with 100 trillion connections 3. Neurons are vital specialized cells that process and transmit information via electrical and chemical signals within the brain and without – into the entire body: cells, muscles, tissues, and organs.

When communication between neurons is disrupted, loss of function and cell death occurs; as in the Alzheimer’s Brain.


Chiropractic Care stimulates the processes of the brain & Nervous System to command the body to REGENERATE! To HEAL from the cellular level.

How a neuron functions and how long the neuron survives depends on imperative biological processes of which our Nervous System controls: communication, repairing, metabolizing, remodeling and REGENERATION. Healthy Neurons in your Nervous System are key


Our Corrective Care Chiropractic approach accomplishes the evidence.

Research from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) supports the practice of proactive approaches to full-body health as keys to the PREVENTION and DELAY of Alzheimer’s and neurological degeneration. The Doctors of Chiropractic in our Practice agree!

Increasing physical activity is beneficial in many ways. Increasing blood flow stimulates healing! Movement is Life! As we age, due to limited mobility, many of our elderly do not exercise. Therefore, if movement is life, and the elderly move less, degeneration sets in more rapidly than those who move more! Exercise has been proven to reduce symptoms of depression, improve high blood pressure, diabetes, and can help improve sleep! The stimulation of blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain in those who exercise, some studies have shown can lower the risk of cognitive decline, compared to those who do not exercise. There is also a positive correlation between exercise and less Alzheimer’s “plaques and tangles” in the brain.4




Take a look at the posture of your loved ones, your friends and co-workers.


Anterior Head Carriage and mental health…


 Humans are greatly influenced by physical, structural, and functional changes that result from posture. Therefore, it is highly likely that they experience a decline in learning performance, concentration, and memory with poor postures.5

 With postural correction, there are improvements in blood circulation, which in turn increases the supply of oxygen and stimulates the delivery of information, greatly improving the brain functions. 2


Biofeedback Training may be quite familiar to those managing mental and physical health issues.

 “It involves a patient learning to control his or her physical activities while effecting changes in his or her own physiological activities as various physiological signals that occur in the human body are converted into easy-to-understand visual signals by a computer..

Whereas in Chiropractic, the same concept is achieved without a computer, but with therapeutic exercises and stopping bad habits and incorporating good ones.7 “   

My hope always is for these articles to EMPOWER you to ACT NOW and that ACTION will INSPIRE your loved ones to follow suit.
Let’s get YOUR Spine checked.

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