Is Your Posture Crushing Your Health?

Is Your Posture Crushing Your Health?

Men, women, children alike suffer daily from the negative impact poor posture is wreaking on their health and are clueless of the correlation. We are tearing down the support system that literally holds us upright. Symptoms are clues. Clues are wake-up calls. Symptoms...
Is Your Posture Crushing Your Health?

How Often Should I See a Chiropractor?

When scheduling New Patients, we are commonly asked the question, “How often will I need to see a Chiropractor?” There is clearly an overarching misconception that one “pop” (an onomatopoeia referring to the Adjustment) is all it takes. What if, rather than psyching...
Proactivity and Prevention of Spinal Misalignment Through Proper Body Mechanics

Caregivers Should Know About Chiropractic

“If only I had understood the HEALING POWER of the Chiropractic Adjustment while my grandmother was living AND with Alzheimer’s,  I would NOT have hesitated to have her under  Chiropractic care.” My grandmother was a Public Schoolteacher for 50+ years and absolutely...
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